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King K Rool-Simon



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Eric went to A&W only to find that this is the place where Salli misbehaved and destroyed. Eric ordered too much food and was fat. He then was grounded

Transcript Edit

Eric: I'm going to A&W.

(in A&W)

Eric: K Rool, is this place rebuilt?

K Rool: Afraid so. The last time, Salli wanted a chocolate milkshake but the reason she couldn't get any chocolate milkshakes from me was because I said, "There are no more milkshakes left." I sincerely offered her a sundae but she went out out control and destroyed the place. Anyway, what can I get you?

Eric: I'll have 100 bacon sandwiches, 200 root beers, and 300 sundaes.

K Rool: Here you go.

(Eric eats food)

Eric: Delicious!

(He gets fat)

Eric: Oh no, I 'm fat! My parents will kill me!

(at home)

Dad: Eric, how dare you go to A&W and get fat! That's it! You are so grounded for 12345678924681012141618369121518212427481216202428323651015202530354045612182430364248547142128354249 years!

Mom: Go to you room now!