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I changed Jackie's voice because she is 12 and is starting to get too old for her voice to be Julie so her new voice will remain during the Macusoper gets grounded series. Anyway, it was payback time for Macusoper. Jackie curses her mean brother Macusoper for hurting her and doing mean things to her so she decides to get revenge on him by getting him arrested. She litters a soda and Macusoper spies it. The cops catch him and he is arrested.

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Jackie: If you are wondering why my voice is Susan, the reason why is that I'm 12 and I'm starting to get too old for my voice to be Julie. Anyway, my brother Macusoper is really mean to me so I'm going to get him arrested! First, I will throw a soda on the ground!

(throws soda on ground)

Macusoper: Hey! Who littered that!

(cop car arrives)

Cop: You are under arrest for littering a soda!

Macusoper: I didn't do that!

Cop: I don't care! You are going to jail!

(in jail)

Cop: This is your cell! You are staying there for a long time!

(parents arrive)

Dad: Macusoper, I can't believe you got arrested for littering!

Mom: You are so grounded forever! Good luck in jail as I unground Jackie!

(at home)

Dad: Jackie, I heard that Macusoper got arrested for doing mean things to you and by the way, why isn't your voice Julie?

Jackie: I'm 12 years old so I'm starting to get too old for my voice to be Julie. This current voice is Susan.

Mom: He is so grounded for life but as for you Jackie, you are ungrounded.

Jackie: Thanks.