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Dad-Young Guy


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After Kumi hurt her mom, she felt guilty about it unaware to her that her mom is someone who takes care of her, raises her, feeds her, pays for her and loves her.

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Dad: Kumi, come downstairs!

Kumi: What is it?

Dad: I heard that you taunted at Fluttergirl and according to your mom, I was right. You are not allowed to do that under any circumstance. We grounded you for two weeks but since your hurt your mom severely, we had to double your grounding time to four weeks.

Kumi: Why did you have to do that?

Dad: Because Kumi, your mom was the one who took care of you, raised you, fed you, paid for you and loved you. Lucky for you, it only took twelve days for it to heal. You should apologize to her and you can get ungrounded.

Kumi: Thanks.

(at Kumi's parent's room)

Kumi: Hey mom.

Mom: What is it Kumi?

Kumi: I came to apologize to you for hurting you. I should have known that you are only looking after me. I shouldn't have hurt you when you told me that taunting at other people is rude and can get me arrested.

(puts herself in her bikini)

Mom: Kumi, why did you put yourself in your bikini?

Kumi: I feel better that way.

Mom: You don't have to put yourself in your bikini if you knew taunting at other people was rude and can get you arrested. Taunting at Fluttergirl was the minor rude part but injuring me when I told you that taunting at other people was rude was the major rude part. That's called biting the hand that feeds you.

Kumi: What do you mean?

Mom: That means you did harm to someone who was trying to help you. Anyway, since you apologized to me, you are not grounded.