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Memy9909's mom loves him very much.

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Dad: It is really boring..

Memy9909 (off-screen): Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah!

Dad: Erika Dawson is that you?

Memy9909 (off-screen): Who are you calling Erika Dawson? It's your son Memy9909! Both Erika and I have the same crying voices because like her, my voice is Julie.

Dad: Come downstairs now.

Memy9909 (walking downstairs): What is it Dad?

Dad: I heard you crying. Why were you crying?

Memy9909: I was crying because grounding my mom was the wrong choice.

Dad: But she misbehaved at McDonald's.

Memy9909: I know but she raised me, paid for me, took care of me, fed me and loved me.

Dad: You mean she should not be grounded.

Memy9909: She should. She always looks out for me when something is wrong. Just like what happened to Zara's mom when she was worried that Zara snuck into Kumi's house when she wasn't supposed to.

Dad: I know you feel bad for your mom. Maybe you should talk to her and tell her what's the problem. I heard that she also got her old look back because she doesn't feel like being Rosie.

(at parents room)

Mom: What is it Memy9909?

Memy9909: I came in to apologize to you for grounding you. I know you're in a bad mood since your husband ran over your new iPad before we took our leave. That iPad cost you $500 and now you have to buy a new one.

Mom: Right. By the way, why do you sound like a girl?

Memy9909: Because I kept on getting grounded, my voice will remain as Julie. Anyway, why were you misbehaving at McDonald's?

Mom: All I wanted was 900 hamburgers so that is why I misbehaved.

Memy9909: No, the reason why you couldn't get 900 hamburgers was because your husband told you they cost too much money so he offered you 10 hamburgers instead but no. You chose to make a scene and now we are banned from going to McDonald's for a week. Why do you feel upset?

Mom: Because we might end up on the news.

Memy9909: Exactly, we might end up on the news and I'm afraid that you, the one who loves me more than anyone in the world, might get in trouble.

Dad: I have good news.

Memy9909: What is it?

Dad: When my wife couldn't get what she wanted, the news anchors discovered that you are the one that really cares about her so they chose not to put you on the news.

Memy9909: Did you hear that?

Mom: What is it?

Memy9909: We are not going to end up on the news. Today is your lucky day. You know what that means?

Mom: What is it?

Memy9909: You are now ungrounded. I'm sorry I grounded you in the first place.

Mom: It's okay.