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Comet V 6012, Surfliner 456, Kimi Finster-Kimberly

Dad, Pooh, Russel, Phil DeVille-Diesel

Plot Edit

This is the sequel to Pooh misbehaves at his doctor. Pooh is mad because he didn't get his lollipop. To this, he goes to the doctor's office and kills the doctor. However, when he leaves, he is caught by Dad, Winnie the Pooh, Russel, Phil DeVille and kis girlfriend Kimi Finster, NJ Transit Comet V Cab Car 6012 and Amtrak Surfliner 456 for killing his doctor. He is grounded.

Transcript Edit

Pooh: I'm mad because I didn't get my lollipop all because I was mean to my doctor! I got it! I will kill him!

(at doctor's office)

Doctor: Pooh, I told you, the lollipop is mine and you're not getting it! You would have gotten it if you had behaved!

Pooh: No! (holds up gun)

Doctor: Pooh, put the gun down!

Pooh: I will kill you!

Doctor: No no no no no no no no no no no no no!

(doctor is dead)

Pooh: Now to get my lollipop.

(Pooh gets lollipop)

(walks outside)

Pooh: Dad, Winnie the Pooh, Russel, Phil DeVille, Kimi Finster, Amtrak Surfliner and Comet V, what are you doing here?

Amtrak Surfliner 456: We can't believe you killed your doctor!

Pooh: All I wanted was my lollipop.

Phil DeVille: That doesn't really matter! Just because you wanted your lollipop doesn't mean you kill your doctor!

Kimi Finster: My boyfriend is right! Doing stuff like that can get you in jail!

Comet V 6012: Go home now while I call your parents!

Pooh (running away): Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

Comet V 6012: Hello Nahfam, this is NJ Transit Comet V Cab Car 6012. I just called to tell you that your son killed his doctor all because he couldn't get his lollipop. Ground him right now!

(at home)

Nahfam: I got a call from a NJ Transit Cab Car telling me that you killed your doctor. Is that true?

Pooh: Yes, it's true.

Nahfam: Pooh! How dare you kill your doctor! You're lucky you weren't in jail for doing that! That's it, you're grounded for 12 weeks, which means no more lollipops for you! Now go upstairs to your room and go to bed Now.