Plot Edit

Rancid Raccoon-Kidaroo

Announcer-Evil Genius

Police Officer-Dallas



Plot Edit

This is revenge for Rancid Raccoon in the game Farm Heroes Saga for stealing the cropsies. It starts out at an elevator. Rancid Raccoon decides to take it. He goes up to floor 17 but he gets caught. Why? Instead of taking the elevator he wanted, he found himself taking the service elevator. He then was arrested.

Transcript Edit

Rancid Raccoon: I'm going to take the elevator!

(in elevator)

Rancid Raccoon: Let's go up to floor 17!

(alarm rings)

Announcer (over intercom): Intruder alert! (12X)

Rancid Raccoon: Oh no, I took the wrong elevator!

(on floor 17)

Police Officer: You're under arrest for taking the service elevator!

(in jail)

(parents arrive)

Rancid Raccoon: Thank goodness it's you! Are you here to bail me out?

Dad: No, we are not here to bail you out! I can't believe you took the service elevator and got arrested!

Mom: You can't do that.

Rancid Raccoon: I'm sorry.

Dad: Don't 'I'm sorry' me because that won't work at a time like this! Have fun in jail!

(parents leave)

Rancid Raccoon (guilty): This is worse than stealing cropsies.