Derek's Dad-Alan

Derek's Mom-Catherine




Rosie gets the strawberry shake instead of the chocolate shake as Derek throws a fit in the background.


Rosie: Can I go to Fatburger?

Mom: Yes, you can but you have to go by yourself.

(at Fatburger)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Rosie: I'll have a burger with everything on it, fries, a Coke and a chocolate shake.

Clerk: I'm sorry but the chocolate shakes are sold out but you can still have a strawberry shake.

Rosie: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Clerk: Why are you counting to 10?

Rosie: I usually do this to calm myself down but look at what's happening at table 12.

Clerk: What is it, young lady?

(at Derek's table)

Derek: I want McDonald's!

Derek's Dad: We are not having McDonald's! We are having Fatburger so eat it!

Derek: No, I want McDonald's!

Derek's Mom: We are not having McDonald's!

Derek: I will throw the dinner away!

Derek's Dad (after Derek threw the dinner away): Derek, how dare you throw our dinner away?! That's it!

Derek's Mom: We are going home because you threw our dinner away!

(at Derek's house)

Derek's dad: You are grounded forever!

Derek: Shut up! I wish you were dead!

Derek's mom: How dare you tell me to shut up and wish we were dead?! That's it! Custard will come over and kill you! Custard, kill Derek right now!

Custard: Time to die!

(back at Fatburger)

Rosie: Mom, what is it?

Mom: I heard that Derek hated Fatburger. He caused a scene and threw his dinner away. I'm sure he will get killed by Custard. Anyway, what would you like?

Rosie: Like I said before but one of them is different. I would like a strawberry milkshake instead.

Mom: Thank you for behaving at Fatburger. You are now ungrounded for 179 years.

(at home)

Eric: Rosie, we are so proud of you for behaving at Fatburger. Your rewards are you will not wear any diapers. 

Mom: I agree with Eric. Tomorrow, he and his girlfriend Erika are going to take you to Burger King and you might get the strawberry handspun shake instead of the chocolate handspun shake.

Eric: If the chocolate shakes are back, we will go back to Fatburger and get one.

(at 10:00 PM)

Mom: Settle down, Rosie. It's time to sleep. You had a very busy day.

Eric: We're very proud of you Rosie. You did a wonderful job behaving at Fatburger.

Rosie: (to Eric) Maybe tomorrow, as my mom said, you and your girlfriend Erika can go to Burger King and I will have the strawberry handspun shake instead of the chocolate handspun shake.

Mom: Now we're going to show you Tomorrow You Can Count Again.


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