Slappy the Dummy: What have we here, Oh Goody Pet Sematary 1 & 2 i don't if i watch all 2 of these.

(after the 2 films)

Slappy the Dummy: Those we very funny.

Woody: Hey Slappy i have some... Wait a minute what did you get?

Slappy the Dummy: Um, Pet Sematary 1 & 2.

Woody: You Watch all 2 movies those are Rated R and Horror you're banned any comedy with Rated R and Horror, That's It! You're Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded Until Bumblebee (film) is released!

Slappy the Dummy: But Woody, I Like these films!

Woody: I Don't Dare I'll set them on Fire!

(Woody sets Pet Sematary 1 & 2 on fire)

Slappy the Dummy: No! No! No! these were my favorite films!

Buzz Lightyear: Ben, What's Up with Jack?

Woody: He's been watch Caddyshack 1 & 2 films and he's gonna be grounded until Bumblebee (film) is Released!

Buzz Lightyear: You Heard Ben Get Upstairs!!!!

Slappy the Dummy: Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!