Characters Edit

Slippy V-Professor

Slippy V's Dad-Diesel

Slippy V's Mom-Kimberly

Plot Edit

Slippy V was tired so he went to sleep. He dreamt that he was sent to bed early, which was a bad dream.

Transcript Edit

Slippy V: I'm so tired.

(dream starts)

Slippy V: What is this?

Slippy V's Dad: It's pasta.

Slippy V: I don't want that! I want McDonald's!

Slippy V's Dad: No we are not having McDonald's!

(throws stuff away)

Slippy V's Dad: How dare you throw your dinner away!

Slippy V's Mom: You are grounded!

Slippy V (waking up): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Slippy V's Dad: What is it Slippy V?

Slippy V: I don't want to get grounded or sent to bed early!

Slippy V's Mom: Don't worry, it was only a dream. You will never get sent to bed early. Besides, you are the best user ever. Come downstairs, breakfast is ready.