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Police Officer-Kidaroo



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I changed Virginia's voice because her old voice Ivy makes her sound like a kid and she's 17. Anyway, Virginia curses her birthday because her sister Ashley gave her a hammer. She gets revenge on Ashley by getting her arrested. Ashley is now grounded.

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Virginia: I hate my sister Ashley because she gave me a hammer on my birthday! I got it! I will get her arrested but first, I will throw a candy cane on the ground!

Ashley: Hey, who littered that?

Police officer: You are under arrest for littering a candy cane!

Ashley: There was no trash can!

Police officer: I don't care!

(in jail)

Police officer: This is your cell!

Ashley's Dad: I can't believe you got arrested for littering a candy cane!

Ashley's Mom: Good luck in jail while we unground Virginia!

(at Virginia's house)

Ashley's mom: I heard that you got your sister arrested. Is this what she gets for giving a hammer as your birthday present?

Virginia: That's what she gets! When I turn 18, I hope Ashley won't give me any more hammers! By the way, when Ashley gave me a hammer during my birthday, my voice was Ivy! I hated that voice and other people who were watching the video where Ashley gave me the hammer didn't like my voice at all so my voice is now Kendra!

Ashley's mom: What's wrong with Ivy? Kumi's former mom's voice is Ivy.

Virginia: What do you mean?

Ashley's mom: Kumi had to be with Derek's parents all because Jaxen and Vexy couldn't stand her being grounded.

Virginia: I don't like my voice to be Ivy.

Trivia Edit

This is the sequel to Ashley gets grounded on Virginia's Birthday.

This is the first time Kumi is mentioned but is not included.